Welcome to Hmong Women Now


My name is Linda.  I am a wife, a mother, an educator, and a Hmong woman. My mission is to empower, educate, and inspire our Hmong youth in pursuing their goals.  I aim to provide tools that will help guide our youth by using the many talented and intellectual women in our Hmong community.

What inspired me to start this project was a youth who expressed her concern about the hostility in the Hmong community.  She felt there was no support but a richness in envy, resentment, malice, and rivalry.  When this young woman made this bold statement, I was immediately reminded of my own experiences during my pursuit of an educational career.

I walked with blind faith.  I had numerous questions, I was filled with doubts and insecurities, and endured cynicism and feelings of contempt.  Despite the many opportunities I had to give up on my education, I persevered.

As a professional, I now have the experience, the tools, and necessary avenues to provide for youth who aspire to walk in the same path I have walked.  I can become a valuable resource to our youth including the numerous individuals with diverse experiences, intellect, profession, and competence in our Hmong community.

I focus primarily on young Hmong women because as a woman myself, I’ve encountered multiple setbacks.  There is a need to reverse the belief the young lady said about the Hmong community being filled with “envy, resentment, malice, and rivalry.”  The first step in doing so is by unifying other women who have faced or felt the same way, especially women who have accomplished tremendous triumphs. As women who have paved multiple pathways in our community, together we can empower, inspire, and educate youth in the Hmong community.

With Love,
Linda Thao