Meet the Hmong Woman Now: Chia Vang

“Jump the leap of faith! We will never know what is on the other side until we do it!”

– Chia Vang


Meet Chia Vang, an alumna from CSU Fresno.  Several years ago, she received her BS in Criminology and MS in Rehabilitation Counseling.  Today she continues her Ph.D in Philosophy of Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.  To pursue her Ph.D, she has left her hometown to live in Texas where she works two jobs as a Teacher and Research Assistant.

I was honored to have had Chia as our next Hmong Women Now representative.  During our interview she shared brilliant ideas and suggestions regarding questions around graduate schools.  Additionally, she shared multiple strategies on being successful as a graduate student both in the Masters and Doctors’ programs. Five very important tips she shared were seeking academic counseling, volunteering, networking, prioritizing, and continuing to challenge ourselves as students.

The interview was far from inspirational.   It was absolutely constructive and informative. I will not be able to summarize the highlights or significant points of the interview because every second was extremely beneficial. I encourage you to watch the interview and really pay attention to every part of the discussion.  Whether you are planning to attend college, are attending college, or deciding to continue your education I assure you this video will both guide you and challenge you to “jump the leap of faith”.


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