Meet the Hmong Woman Now: Trish Yang

“In order to truly love yourself, you have to put yourself first…surround yourself with positive and supportive people who [will] push you.”

trish-yang-12-e1504387976406.jpgI had an opportunity to interview and discuss with Trish Yang, an Independent Beach Body Coach, who discussed ways to adopt a healthy lifestyle despite the challenges and skepticism she encountered.  Trish was a two time winning gold medalist in the Bikini Body Building competition and has since transformed many other women and men’s lifestyle.  Trish operates several private groups where she guides and plan with many individuals on specific workout routines and schedules including nutrition.  Not only does she help others to succeed in the path she has walked, she gives everyone in the group the authority to be accountable for their success.

If you look forward to transforming your own lifestyle or at least to get a glimpse at what it can possibly look like, join Trish and the many other men and women who have already started and succeeded.


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