Meet the Hmong Woman Now: Yengyee Lor

“Each and everyone of you is so capable and competent of being not only a leader for yourself, living your wildest dream, but taking on leadership positions.”

Yengyee Lor

Yengyee Lor was born in a Thailand Refugee camp and now resides in Weston, Wisconsin. She received her BA in Social Work, MA in Counseling and Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology.

She is the CEO and Founder of Faithful Consulting LLC, a leadership and team coaching organizational development consulting business. She believes, “Leadership is very important to learn from a young age because it can teach a person to be more confident and empowered. When we are confident and empowered, we are able to accomplish things, influence others, make an impact, and live our true selves.

I was privileged to participate with Yengyee in a Livechat where we discussed on the importance of recognizing our potential and tackling the gremlins we encounter as we partake leadership roles in our professions, education, and life. We also discussed on how to embark on a coaching profession including programs and the growth mindset.

In our one hour chat, we discussed multiple topics including what leadership embodies, prerequisites in taking on leadership roles, how to overcome insecurities, how to know what coaching business to go into, and the marvelous group of Hmong individuals we see today in our community.

I encourage you to watch the video, be empowered, and partake your own leadership journey as it is one of the most essential life skill.

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