Meet the HWN: Vu Vue

“You do not have to be the smartest, the brightest crayon in a box, but as long as you have the motivation, the drive, the dedication, and the perseverance; you are going to be okay.”

Vu Vue is 28 years old and resides in Milwaukee, WI. She has her MA in Social Work and is a licensed Clinical Social Worker who is a Care Coordinator at UnitedHealth Group, Photographer.

Vu Vue 1Vu hopes to instill in our youth and women knowledge in both the field of Social Work and Photography, as they work hand in hand. “Social Work can be a stressful profession, depending on the population and field of work. Photography is a great outlet for me where I am able to do something I enjoy while still bringing in additional income. When I am out shooting a session, I am focused on the task at hand, I am in the ‘here and Now'”.

Vu expressed an interest in photography back in 2009 when she bought her first DSLR. After spending two years photographing her families and friends, she first began her photography business in 2011. “Photography is something I”ve been doing on and off since then. Originally, I started with the V.V. Captured Photography, then to Vu Vue Photography, and in 2016, I re-branded to something more unique but still simple: Sunkissed Photography.”

What a privilege to have interviewed and discuss with Vu on her education, profession, and the significance on being a Hmong women. To highlight some of the key points we’ve discussed in the video, Vu shared:

  • Pursuing an undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation Services and a graduate degree in Social Work.
  • Opportunities in the field of Social Work
  • Challenges in the field of Social Work
  • Balancing between your professional and personal interests
  • Developing a career in photography
  • Misconceptions on a career in Art
  • Using fear to fuel motivation

I encourage you to either sit and watch the entirety of the interview or play it in the background as you are cooking, cleaning, or working because I promise you will find your motivation to keep moving.

If there are any questions you have after watching the video you are welcome to reach out to Vu through her email or Facebook account. 

Sunkissed Photography







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