Our Mission

Hmong Women Now focus primarily on enabling the youth in our Hmong community, including females and males. We focus on establishing portfolios of successful, educational, and competent women in our community to guide and enable our youth in achieving their education and career goals. We aspire to compile useful and valuable resources, hoping that our youth will turn to our portfolios for direction when they are confused and hesitant in their paths. Most importantly, we hope to equip them with confidence, certainty, knowledge, and exemplary models in our community.

We search for Hmong women, not because we do not welcome men or deny the abundance of extraordinary Hmong men in our community. However, we choose to focus on Hmong women because in addition to educating and enabling our youth, we wish to empower the women who are in search of their identity, uncertain about their potential, and intimidated by the standards which have been written in stone for us.

Ultimately, we encourage our youth and women to grasp onto the myriad of opportunities the world offers today. We encourage our youth and women to challenge and utilize the potential they have. We recognize their omnipotent capabilities and wish to support them in their journeys. We have walked before them and can assist them in becoming phenomenal representatives of our community NOW.

Kindest regards,

Hmong Women Now